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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


One of the most disturbing things that can keep us awake at night is the feeling that we’re being used by someone.

The seeds for this sleepless night are usually planted several days earlier, when you began to suspect something isn’t right with a relationship. Suddenly, it becomes obvious that you aren’t being loved for yourself, but rather for what someone thinks they can get from you. How distressing!

As you lie awake, a battle rages in your mind: “Am I supposed to be a doormat and let them use me? Would this honor the Lord?” “Is this what it means to be ‘submissive’?” “Do I have the right to get angry?” “Lord, I don’t want to put up with this!”

What does God say? What is His formula for putting these thoughts to rest and getting a good night’s sleep? He says, “...pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you...” (Matthew 5:44, NKJV).

The key lies in prayer. Once you begin blessing and praying for those who “spitefully use you” you will sleep like a child.

Granted, all your questions about how to handle this situation may not be answered immediately, but at least you will be at peace with God so that He can later instruct you on how to proceed. Then, whether He tells you to leave the situation or to endure, you will know that you are in His will...

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